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January 2012 Read our January Newsletter here, which includes highlights from the National Geogrpahic's 'Great Migrations'tv series, the BBC tv series 'Frozen Planet', the Mark Wahlberg feature film 'Contraband' and the 2011 US Open.
August 2011 Helifilms’ UK Technical Director, Mike Wright, recently returned from the heights of K2 at 23,500ft where he used one of our Cineflex V14’s to capture some extraordinary footage. Mike worked with Image Now Films, Ireland and Walkabout Films from Islamabad who organised all the logistics. Mike said “it was a pleasure to fly with the great pilots from the Pakistan Army Aviation 5 Squadron” also mentioning, “This is the highest Helifims have flown a Cineflex on a helicopter at just under 24,000 ft where the air is very thin and only has a 1/3 of the oxygen that we are normally used to breathing.”

K2 is the second highest mountain after Everst at 28,251ft/8,511m. It is considered much harder to climb than Everest with 1 out of 4 climbers who reach the summit dying. 

Read the article here.
August 2011 Aerial DP, Warwick Field, shot with our Cineflex V14 MSII over Melbourne for director, Simon Wincer’s new feature film ‘The Cup’. The film stars Stephen Curry as Damien Oliver, and follows his triumph in the 2002 Melbourne Cup. The film is due for release in Australia on October 13th. See the trailer click here.
July 2011 Our US office recently shot aerials for the Warner Bros/New Line comedy feature film "Horrible Bosses" starring Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell, Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx. This unique DLSR rig was used to capture stunning time lapse aerial imagery. These Canon D5s shot at 1fps during a 1 hour and 10 minute flight over a distance of 4 miles in a slow constant sideways hover drifting at 4 knots.

Helifilms' US film pilot, David Calvert-jones, said this was ... "one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult jobs I've ever done, but we pulled it off!!!"

See the trailer here
See Helifilms USA's new website here.
April 2011 Axsys Technologies releases the Cineflex V14 Media gimbal at NAB, in Las Vegas. Click here for more info.
April 2011 You can now find Helifilms on Facebook here. Send us a friend request to keep up to date on all our news, clips and images.

March 2011

Helinews article on Helifilms' aerial coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Read here.

February 2011

David Calvert-Jones announced as Aerial Coordinator on Mark Wahlberg's new film 'Contraband'. See link here.

January 2011

CreativeCow article following Helifilms' aerial coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Read here.

October 2010:

Feature film 'Summer Coda' with cinematography by our own Cineflex DP. Greg Demarigny, is released to cinemas on October 21. Be sure not to miss it. Check out the trailer here.

July 2010:

We have just returned from 8 weeks in South Africa, where we supplied all the aerial coverage for the 2010 FIFA Football World Cup. Click here to see our showreel.

August 2009:

See the Helifilms Youtube channel with HiDef aerial footage here.

August 2009:

Read our August Newsletter here.

May 2009:

Congratulations to Greg de Marigny, one of our Cineflex DPs, who won the Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) Golden Tripod Award for best cinematography in a fictional short film for 'Shot Open.'

This award came on the back of Greg winning Victorian state ACS Gold and Silver awards for cinematography. He won Gold for 'Shot Open' and the silver award for the short film 'Plastic.'

This month the short film Jerrycan, co-produced by Matt Downey
(our Co-Ordinating Producer), screens at the St Kilda Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia. 9pm on Saturday 30th May at the Palace George Cinemas on Fitzroy St, St Kilda.

This month we released a new website for 'HD on the Move', our UK office. Contact our Technicial Director, Mike Wright for ground or aerial gyrostabilised filming or click here to visit the site www.hdonthemove.com.

March 2009:

Our senior Australian Cinematographer, Warwick Field, wins Gold at the Heart Of Gold International Film Festival in Queensland, Australia for his acclaimed shadow puppetry Music Video for “Lior- I’ll Forget You”.

January 2009:

The short film Jerrycan, co-produced by Matt Downey (our Co-Ordinating Producer), was awarded an "Honourable Mention" at the Sundance Film Festival 2009" as well as winning a "Special Mention" at the 59th Berlin Film Festival", in the Generation Kplus section.

December 2008:

Our Australasian Cinematographer, Warwick Field, won acclaim at the Australian Cinematographer's awards, which included a Silver for the Paul Kelly music clip God Told Me To and a Bronze for the 'End of Fashion' clip Fussy and a Silver for the short film Love's Labour.

The short film Jerrycan, co-produced by Matt Downey (our co-ordinating Producer), just won an Australian Film Institute award for best short fiction film and in January Jerrycan heads to the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

May 2008:

Jerrycan, a short film co-produced by Matt Downey (our Co-Ordinating Producer) won the Jury Prize at the Cannes International Film Festival. The film was directed by Melbourne based, Julius Avery.


Technical Director, Mike Wright, appointed Consultant to BBC's Planet Earth sequel.



January 2012