Helifilms is a production company specialising in gyrostabilised film platforms

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Australian Office

Helifilms' Cineflex gyrostabilised camera system was chosen for the aerial coverage in director Sue Brooks' new Australian film, Subdivision. The film will be released August 20th. Speaking about the Cineflex, Producer, Owen Johnston said it "performed its magic in the few moments of sun we had. There are some drop dead gorgeous shots. One thing I can tell you is the steadiness is unbelievable. Some people will think that we have computer animated the whole thing! You did a great job. We are very happy with the results".

To see the trailer click here.

UK Office

Our UK based Cineflex V14 has been gaining attention with its use on various platforms, including a crane arm mounted to a small boat in the arctic for the BBC's Frozen Planet series. See more pics here.

We also have a specialised all terrain tracking vehicle.

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US Office

Our US based film pilot/aerial coordinator David Calvert-Jones flew the gruelling 'Baja 500' and 'Baja 1000' races in Baja California, Mexico.

See the image gallery here.

South African Office

South African based DP, Skip Margetts, recently shot aerials for Peter Jackson's new sci-fi feature film, District Nine, directed by Neill Blomkamp.

The film is set in South Africa's district 9 which is home to an alien refugee population. Human's have waited for either a hostile attack or great advances in technology - none of which have arrived. The world's nations are now unsure how to deal with these refugees and humans' patience is running out.

The film is being released in Australia this Thursday August 13th and in the US on August 14th.

See the trailer here.

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