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The Earth Wins

Established in 1989. Helifilms is a production company producing films and museum exhibits with an aerial perspective. We own, operate and are authorised resellers for Cineflex V14 & MSII HD Camera systems. Our full-time offices are located in the USA, the UK and Australia. Click on one of the menu buttons below for more information on our products and services.


  CINEFLEX V14 & MSII (MS2) GIMBALS: Gyrostabilised daylight and infra red (IR) cameras systems for aerial, sea and land filming. Available to purchase or rent.

STOCK LIBRARY: A comprehensive 35mm and High Def collection of stills and footage for licencing worldwide. Represented by Getty Images and Corbis Motion.

MOTION RIDE FILMS: Over a dozen live action simulator titles for licencing worldwide.

MUSEUM EXHIBITS: Immersive Simulations based on NASA's International Space Station (ISS).


FILM PRODUCTION: Imax, Vista Vision, Showscan, 35mm and High Def.

AERIAL UNIT: Helicopters, camera systems, crew, production support for Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, World Cup Football, Feature Fims and TV commercials.

CINEFLEX RENTALS: 4 x V14 Systems and crew available for rent in Africa, Europe, USA and Australasia.