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Helifilms are proud to have been chosen by Axsys technologies to be their exclusive reseller for the V14 High Definition gyrostabilised camera system, a daylight camera primarily used for broadcast, feature films and TV commercials and the V14 MSII (MS2), the infra red version of the V14, primarily used for surveillance, powerline inspections and homeland security. We are the exclusive reseller in the following regions; Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Fiji, Borneo, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia and South Africa.

Specification sheets are available (below) for the V14 and the V14 MSII (MS2) , but you really have to experience these systems in the field to fully appreciate the stability, continuous zoom and how these capabilities bring advantages to your specific tasks.

Helifilms would be glad to bring one of our own systems to your location, fit it to your helicopter (or vehicle, boat, aircraft, or crane) and give you the opportunity to thoroughly explore it in your own way. Before taking things further, you might like to read our guide 'Buying a Cineflex' which will outline your decision making process, timelines and costs.

Read more on the process of purchasing a Cineflex here or download the Cineflex Buying Guide here.

Having taken our own decision to purchase a Cineflex in 2005, and having subsequently purchased three more for our own operations, we highly recommend the product. We would be glad to assist you at all stages in the purchase, training and integration process and we are confident that you would gain significant new business opportunities through the increased capability, as we have done ourselves over the past three years.

Cineflex V14, V14 Media and V14 MSII (MS2) Camera System Specifications

Cineflex V14
Cineflex V14 MSII (MS2)

Secondhand / Used Cineflex V14 and V14 MSII (MS2)

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Frequently Asked Questions of the Cineflex


Read about Frequently Asked Questions of the Cineflex here.

Cineflex in Specific Roles

Shooting with Ultimate Stability for Television

Ultimate Stability in National Security
Maritime Surveillance Operations Long Lenses for safe powerlines
To find out more about how the Cineflex might work for you please take a look at the roles described below and click to view the relevant brochure online, download the brochure in pdf or view the relevant showreel.

Additional Technical Information

downlinks mappingsystem
If you are interested in reading more about using Downlinks
with the Cineflex camera system please visit the following links.
If you are interested in reading more about using mapping systems with the Cineflex camera system please visit the following links.

Aircraft Platforms

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