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Remote Controlled Airships for professional use indoors or outdoors

The renaissance of airships is already here. They're quiet, safe, environmentally friendly and very cost effective. In conjunction with our partners at Skyships we are taking it one step further in building and operating two categories of remotely controlled, electrically driven airships.

Our indoor airships achieve maximum audience attention and entertain in any sports stadium, concert venue, conference hall or theme park.. Our Indoor Airships performed daily at London's Millennium Dome throughout 2000, where they were themed as the "Xplorites" (as you can see in the pictures below) and everyday flew around the home planet zone. The Xplorites are fully aerobatic and the cleverest bit is that these machines flew a synchronised flying display completely automatically for up to one hour everyday. They're very good examples of how an airship no longer needs to look like the R101.

These twin electric motors draw air into two entirely independent thrust and control systems.That air is then ejected through four vectored thrust mechanisms, much like the Harrier VTOL aircraft. Control comes from twin joysticks connected to a standard PC, within which lies a very sophisticated software programme.
Just imagine the potential for sponsored entertainment in your sports stadium at half time: Two huge animals, or drink cans, or footballs, or any shape of your choice, performing a 15 minute syncronised display throughout the arena, with the sponsor's name down the side ! It could be the bit of the afternoon that your entire audience remembers. Now let your imagination run wild - If you can imagine it, we can probably build it.

In 2006, we supplied our ICE (Indoor Camera Envelope) to the Doha Asian Games for live broadcast of the track cycling, boxing, wrestling and kabbadi. This is a 4m diameter indoor flying ship mounted with an Iconix HD Camera. We had one camera operator/pilot with 2 ground crew supplying live footage for the whole duration of the games.

Click here to download a pdf version of an article published on the ICE by Digital Content Producer magazine.

For more images visit our gallery page or our partners website at

Please contact us if you would like to rent the ICE and Iconix Hgh Def camera to shoot within your sport stadia.


Our partners at Skyships have also designed and built remotely controlled outdoor airships. They are about 10m long, and have been used to film television programmes such as "Time Team".

How long can the airship fly for?

We can only usually fly during the hours of daylight but can get special dispensations for night-time flying. Within that time we have to land about every hour to change batteries, but this only takes about 5-10 minutes.

Can I get the artwork prepared and printed myself?

Yes. We'll discuss with you the sizes and the appropriate material to print onto and, provided you give us the signage within 24 hours of your flying date, we'll be happy to do this.

Can I customise the airship any further?

Yes. For longer contracts you might like to consider having a dedicated envelope made. In this way the whole structure of the airship will be in the colour of your choosing and it can be used time and time again without the need for further artwork preparation. In fact we will probably ask your permission to demonstrate the envelope at events that you haven't specifically asked us to attend, thus giving you much wider exposure than you would otherwise have paid for. The cost for a bespoke envelope will vary depending on your exact design and colours, but will generally be in the region of £7,000.

How does the airship arrive?

By road, in a long trailer, partially deflated.

Is it insured?

Yes, we have Public Liability cover up to £250,000 for any one incident. If you'd like a higher coverage for your particular activity it can easily be arranged.

Is it legal and safe?

Entirely. The airship is inflated with Helium, an inert gas. We have full approval from the Civil Aviation Authority (a copy of which we can happily provide) and we have to conform to all the rules of the air, just as if we were using a manned flying machine. We will usually inform the local police of our activities and we will liase with the organisers of any particular event you'd like us to attend.

Does it need a large area to operate from?

No. We just need room to park up the trailer, get the airship out, moor it to a small portable mast for flight preparation and then fly it. Ideally we'd have a dedicated area of about 50 metres square, with a clear approach (unobstructed by trees, wires or buildings) from at least one direction.

What sort of weather prevents flight?

It's primarily high winds that will stop us, although we prefer not to fly in the rain. We can certainly fly in much worse visibility than a manned aircraft and with a much lower cloud cover, but winds in excess of 20 knots will give us a problem and we will always verge on the side of safety. In the event of bad weather we will give you the option of a complete refund or a replacement day's flying.

Anything else to consider?

The Cirrus 840 airship spends much of its working life carrying out aerial film work for television. Although it's a little more expensive to hire in this role, you might like to consider a live camera link that can then provide pictures for television broadcast, use on a video wall, recording of the day''s activity, or providing a surveillance monitor for crowd control/traffic control and so on.

How much will it cost?

In order to prepare a quote that's specific to you, we need four things: the date(s), the flying times, the location, an idea of your intended artwork.

Contact us now if you'd like to talk more about it or visit our partners website